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Band Members

Meet The Band Members of Synergy Blue


Synergy Blue is a formation of experienced live blues, rock musicians based in Melbourne Victoria, whose performances cover a wide range of styles and feels for Blues, Rock and Blues & Roots music.

Synergy Blue performing live

Smokin' Sam is a harmonica player and blues, rock vocalist, who is also joined with a backing vocalist. All accompanied by a lead guitarist, a bass guitarist, drummer, harmonica player and occasional keyboards.

Smokin' Sam Salzone is a passionate Blues & Rock vocalist and harp player
who also loves to express his ideas and experiences in life by composing songs with fun or meaningful lyrics, which he combines skillfully with his soulful harp playing and singing.   More...

Our talented blues & rock guitarist, is rather diverse in his ability to provide excellent rhythm and lead playing.   More...


Synergy Blue performing live DR Bass Michael Emmerling on blues bass guitar is the backbone of the band, laying down progressions and rhythms that allow the band plenty of leeway to work with.    More...

our blues & funk rock drummer is very experienced and ensures that the tempo and time is always right on the beat.    More...

See Synergy Blue Biography for full band history.



Each member of Synergy Blue brings in their own blend of blues influences, music passion and unique talents, providing a unique combination of varied feels in each song, a recipe for entertainment which appeals to audiences of all ages and musical tastes.


Smokin Sam
SAM SALZONE (Smokin' Sam)
Blues, Rock Vocalist, Blues Harmonica Player

Sam's musical career began at the age of 16, when he began singing and playing the blues with his first band, 'South City Union'. Other bands he played with include: Rag King, Fat Alroy, Clutch Cargo and Sky.

His early musical influences included Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf and early Fleetwood Mac.

He moulded his blues harp playing along the greats of, Peps Persson, Junior Well, Sonny Boy Williamson, Little Walter and Australia's own Brodrick Smith.

Sam has a unique voice and sings in his own soulful style.

Visit Smokin Sam on MySpace

Blues, Rock Guitar & Blues, Rock Vocalist

After being introduced to Jimi Hendrix's "All along the Watchtower" at the age of 13 by my uncle, the love affair with the guitar began. That guitar solo was the inspiration and start to a lifelong fascination and study of guitars and guitar playing.

I've played in numerous cover bands and am interested in many different styles of guitar playing and music. I believe the guitar to be the most expressive musical instrument - the note selection, the tone, the way a string is bent - all these things allow a player to develop his/her own voice. You know when BB King is playing after hearing just a single note!


Blues Guitarist

DR Bass Emmerling
DR Bass Michael Emmerling
Blues, Rock, Funk Bass Guitar

For me the role of the bass is to support and connect rhythm and melody without getting in the way.

I feel very comfortable as the invisible glue holding things together.
That doesn't stop me from bringing my own modern (non-traditional) sound to all styles of music

"invisible" does not mean I don't want to contribute my own voice.

~ Michael ~

OUR DRUMMER. To be announced soon.
Coming Soon

Blues Funk Rock Drummer


Peter Williamson- Drummer