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Band Members

Synergy Blue Bio


Beginnings & Early History of Synergy Blue

Synergy Blue was the brainchild of Sam Salzone Smokin Sam) who, after 31 years in hibernation, decided to enter the music scene again from his desire to express musically his passion for blues inspired music.

Sam began attending weekly MBAS jam nights and learning his music trade again. He decided to get together with other MBAS members, Grant Collie on drums and Deltachris on bass.  Needing a lead guitarist, Pony Chris Magira joined the band, thus Synergy Blue was born in May 2006. Later that year another MBAS member joined the band, Gary Jones on Hammond organ.

In November 2006, Pony left the line up, and again the MBAS jam nights provided a new band member, Alby Sutherland, who joined as lead guitarist and vocalist. Alby brought his experience, style and professionalism to the band, having played with some of the greats in Memphis and London over a period of six years.

January 2007 bought another change when Delta Chris moved on for personal reasons and Jimmy Fewing on bass was welcomed into the line, Jimmy being and old school friend of Smokin Sam. With the introduction of Jimmy, Synergy Blue recorded a live performance at the Cornish Arms. Their ensuing blues cd, A Taste Of Synergy, was launched in June 2007.  Just prior to the launch, Jimmy moved on and Ben Wicks joined the line up in May 2007.

In August 2007, Darren Seknow on drums joined the band.  During the next several months, Synergy Blue performed at many venues around Melbourne and began leaving their mark in the music industry. At the end of 2007, Ben, Darren, Gary and Alby left to pursue their different directions.

January 2008 saw some line upchanges. Smokin' Sam from the original lineup, AND joining the band were John-Luke Shelley on guitar and vocals, Neil Busacca on bass guitar and vocals, and Phil Anthony on drums. See Meet The Band for more info on our latest band members.

July 2009 sees a line up change we welcome Mick Field on Bass

December 2009 Mick Fields departs

September 2010 John Luke SHelley & Brett Shelley leave Synergy.

Current Synergy Blue Lineup

2012 TBA. See Meet The Band for more info on our latest band members.


Synergy Blue Discography

Synergy Blue have three cd's released, A Taste Of Synergy Live At The Cornish Arms, On The Tracks & in the raw.  Find out more on the Synergy Blue Discography page.


Venues played by Synergy Blue

Synergy Blue have performed at various venues, blues bars, music events and private functions around Victoria, ncluding:

  • Aero Bar
  • Bendigo Hotel - Collingwood
  • British Crown
  • Cornish Arms Hotel
  • Glass House Hotel
  • Scarab Bar
  • Relay 4 Life Event - November 2007
  • Musicland
  • Georges Place Blues Klub
  • Nighthawk Blues Bar
  • Prince Albert Hotel
  • De La Ville Hotel
  • Sleepy Hollow Blues Club
  • Homestead Blues Festival, Laverton
  • Khyat's Of Brighton Hotel
  • Purple Haze
  • Rainbow Hotel
  • Manchester Lane
  • Grand Central Hotel
  • Winter in Maldon Festival - July 2006
  • MBAS
  • Maldon Hotel
  • Mount Moriac Hotel
  • Dunolly Blues Bash - Dunolly
  • Moe Blues & Jazz Festival
  • The Royal Standard Hotel
  • Macedon Spa
  • Junction Hotel - Newport
  • Union Hotel - Heathcote
  • Royal Oak - Kilmore
  • Echuca Winter Blues Festival - Echuca
  • The Fox Hotel - Collingwood
  • idGaf - Abbotsford

See our Synergy Blue Gigs page for upcoming performances.


Guest Performances with or by Synergy Blue

Synergy have also featured with musicians such as:

  • Eugene Hideaway Bridges
  • Phoenix Blues
  • Les Oldman
  • Lil Fi
  • Stacey Broughton
  • Black Hill Ramblers
  • Jeannie Lushes & Bad Blues Boys
  • Steve Romig Band
  • Dave Foley
  • Stevie Paige
  • Fiona Boyes
  • Brian Strafford
  • Selywn George
  • Blue Dukes
  • Medicine Hat
  • Dave Miles
  • The Hard Way
  • Geoff Achison
  • Bronnie Gordon
  • Gregg Dodd from Andrea Marr Band
  • Dutch Tilders
  • Shane DiIorio Band
  • John Williams
  • Retro Boys
  • Double Shot
  • Bronnie Gordon Band
  • Bad Company Review
  • Black And Blue
  • Power House Blues Band
  • Chris Wilson
  • Ian Collard
  • Martin Cooper


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